Choir School admissions

Many parents assume that their child has to be a musical genius to audition. But in fact what we are looking for is someone who enjoys singing, being part of a close-knit team and who, with their parents, will commit themselves to a demanding but yet immensely rewarding schedule.

“My six years in the Choir taught me focus, flair and harmony and instilled in me a love of music that is impossible to shake off ” Eppie Caffrey, Chorister 2005-11

Admission into the Choir School is via a voice trial/audition (a very simple one to determine vocal potential, we normally get them to sing something very simple like ‘Twinkle little star’) and an informal chat with the parents and Principal if they show the potential to be a Cathedral Chorister and these are open to boys & girls currently in the 2nd year. Whilst they would usually start in the Choir in the September of 3rd class, it is possible to start at other times depending on places available. Auditions are available throughout the year, and the staff are always happy to meet prospective parents informally, especially if they would like guidance about their child’s potential for a Choristership.

To apply, simply fill in a REGISTER OF INTEREST FORM online. When we’ve received it, we’ll contact you to arrange a voice trial.