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Dean & Chapter

The Chapter is the body of clergy responsible for the ministry and mission of the Cathedral. It is composed of four Dignitaries (Dean, Precentor, Chancellor and Treasurer), the Archbishop of Dublin, twelve Diocesan canons to represent each diocese of the Church of Ireland, nine canons elected by the Chapter, and two ecumenical canons elected by the Chapter.

There are two resident clergy who minister at the Cathedral: the Dean and the Dean’s Vicar. All other clergy serve in parishes or schools in Ireland.


The Very Revd William W. Morton, B.Th., M.A., M.Mus., Ph.D.

Dean’s Vicar

The Revd Charles Mullen, B.Th.

The Precentor

The Revd Peter R. Campion, B.A., B.Th., M.A., M.Phil.

Canon Campion was born in Canada and comes from a long line of Church of Ireland Clergy. After studying Psychology at Bishop’s University in Quebec, he moved to Dublin to begin training for the ordained ministry. His first parish was in Ardoyne in North Belfast. He then returned to university to study education at Homerton College, Cambridge after which he came back to Dublin to be curate of Taney parish and thereafter Dean’s Vicar at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and teach in the Cathedral schools. After travelling to Canada to be chaplain at his old school, he returned to Ireland to be chaplain of The King’s Hospital, where he currently resides with his wife Rebecca and two children, Cressida and Felix. He has had a long association with Saint Patrick’s Cathedral having been a minor canon, Dean’s vicar, Treasurer’s vicar and now Precentor. He has also been on the Board of Management at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School for the past eleven years. He was installed as Precentor in October,2015 having been Precentor at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin for six years.

The Chancellor

The Very Revd Niall J. Sloane, M.A., M.Phil.

Originally from Co. Cavan, Canon Sloane was educated at the University of Dublin, Trinity College, the Milltown Institute of Theology and the Church of Ireland Theological College. Ordained in 2005, he served as Curate of Agherton, Diocese of Connor, until 2007, before becoming Senior Curate-Assistant of Taney in the Diocese of Dublin from 2007 until 2012. He is currently Dean of Limerick and Ardfert. A former Minor Canon of the Cathedral he was installed as Chancellor in October 2015. He also serves as Honorary Secretary of the Church of Ireland General Synod Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue, Chairman of Sunday School Society for Ireland, Chairman of Board of Management of Glenageary-Killiney National School, a Governor of Rathdown School, an Honorary Clerical Secretary of APCK, a Trustee of SPCK and a member of General Synod. He is the co-author, with Victor Griffin, of A Short Catechism of Basic Church Teaching.

The Treasurer

The Revd A.H.N. McKinley, M.A.

The Chapter of the Cathedral

Prebendary of Cualaun                                     The Archbishop of Dublin

Prebendary of Taney                                        Vacant

Prebendary of Newcastle                                 Vacant

Prebendary of Kilmactalway                            The Revd J.K. McWhirter, B.Sc., B.Th., M.Th.

Prebendary of Swords                                      Vacant.

Prebendary of Yagoe                                        The Revd T.S. Forster, B.A., B.Th., M.Phil.

Prebendary of St Audoen’s                              The Revd D Oxley, B.Th

Prebendary of Clonmethan                              The Revd P.K. McDowell, B.A., B.Th.

Prebendary of Wicklow                                    The Revd S.E. Doogan, B.Th., LL.M.

Prebendary of Tymothan                                  The Revd P. M. Willoughby, B.A. Mod.

Prebendary of Mulhuddart                                The Ven. C.W.L. McCauley, B.A., B.Th.

Prebendary of Castleknock                              The Revd W.P. Houston, B.S.Sc. Hons, B.Th.

Prebendary of Tipper                                       The Revd J.D.M. Clarke

Prebendary of Tassagard                                Vacant.

Prebendary of Dunlavin                                   The Revd G.V. Wharton, B.Th., M.Phil

Prebendary of Maynooth                                 The Revd M.D. Gardner, M.A.

Prebendary of Howth                                       The Revd D.W.T. Crooks, M.A., B.D.

Prebendary of Rathmichael                             The Revd C.W. Mullen, B.Th.

Prebendary of Monmohenock                         The Revd T.C. Kinahan, M.A.

Prebendary of Tipperkevin                              Vacant

Prebendary of Donaghmore                            The Revd I.W. Ellis, B.Th.,B.Sc.Hons., Ed.D.

Prebendary of Stagonil                                    The Revd P.A. Harvey, M.A.

Prebendary of Clondalkin                                The Revd B. McKay, O.Carm., B.A., B.D., M. Phil.

Prebendary of Finglas                                      The Revd C. McMullen, M.A.,M.Litt.,B.D.,D.D.