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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the oldest institutions in Ireland. Founded in 1191, much of the structure of the way in which the Cathedral is governed has remained the same. Today those who oversee the life of the cathedral act as custodians of this historic building and try to ensure its survival for future generations to enjoy.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is a registered charity (CHY 848, Reg. Charity No. 20001377). Funds raised through commercial activity support the life of the building and help meet the enormous cost of maintenance and restoration. The Cathedral Board is responsible for matters of finance, the maintenance of the Cathedral’s fabric, and the employment of staff. The Board’s membership is made up of clergy and laity. Much of its work is devolved to its sub-committees, which report to the Board at its monthly meetings.

Our annual report for 2019 is available to be viewed here..

Our annual report for 2018  is available to be viewed here.

Our annual report for 2017 is available to be viewed here.

A list of the current board can be found here.

The first Dean of the Cathedral was elected in the year 1219. The position of Dean of the Cathedral is elected from the Chapter and he/she acts as the head of the Cathedral in all matters.

The Chapter of the Cathedral oversee the life of the building as a place of worship. The Chapter is made up of four Dignitaries (Dean, Precentor, Chancellor and Treasurer), the Archbishop of Dublin, twelve Diocesan canons to represent each of the twelve sees, nine Chapter canons elected by the Chapter, and two Ecumenical canons elected by the Chapter.

A list of the current members of the Chapter of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is available here