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Our Beliefs


We believe that God is love. Love is the principle that undergirds all that exists. God invites us to trust that love and to live a life of faith that reflects God’s generous love in our dealings with others. We believe that God becomes known to us primarily in three ways. God is the creator, without whom nothing would exist. The human face of God is Jesus Christ. The God that is with us and in us, we name the Holy Spirit. Together we call the Creator, Jesus and Spirit the Holy Trinity. God is a mystery that is greater than our language. A mystery is not the same as a puzzle: puzzles end when solved, whereas mysteries are lived with. The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is an invitation to explore the mystery of God on an exciting journey of discovery.


Christians believe that God created us as beings of love. Faith is a journey on which we consciously seek to become mirrors that reflect the love of God in every situation. On this journey we learn from our mistakes, from those who have gone before us and from each other about how to become closer to that which God wants us to be.


Christians are people of action. In his life on earth. Jesus upheld the dignity of each person he encountered and reached out especially to those who were marginalised and in need. As we have inherited Jesus’s teaching, we must seek to oppose all that desecrates human life and everything that threatens the common good. In all things Christians are asked to love one another as God has loved us.


Church means community. It is difficult to radiate God’s love on our own, so we gather together as a community to share, to reflect, to learn and to be supported on our journey of faith. Church is a place of belonging. Saint Patrick’s is part of the Anglican expression of Christianity that celebrates diversity of opinion. Anglicans believe that none of us has all the answers, so we try to put aside our differences and focus instead on our common goal of responding to God’s love for the world.

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