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Complaints & Feedback

Our commitment:

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin is committed to ensuring an exceptional experience for all who engage with the Cathedral. We value feedback – both positive and negative – to maintain our high standards. If we make mistakes, we apologise, make amends, and learn from them. We aim to:

  • Make it easy to complain.
  • Take all complaints seriously, regardless of how they are submitted.
  • Address complaints promptly and courteously.
  • Respond appropriately, providing explanations or apologies when necessary.
  • Use complaints to improve our services, with board-level oversight.

How to lodge a formal complaint:

You may lodge a formal complaint using various methods:

Complaints Officer
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Office
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Deanery
Kevin Street Upper
D08 AW65

What to include in a complaint:

Please include the following information in your complaint:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • A brief description, including dates and times.
  • List your specific concerns, starting with the most important.
  • State your desired outcome (e.g., apology, explanation).
  • Your preferred contact method (e.g. phone, email, post).
  • Include relevant documentation if available.

How will we process your complaint:

  • After receiving your complaint, we will:
  • Acknowledge receipt within 5 working days.
  • Determine your preferred communication method and any special requirements.
  • Handle your complaint transparently to avoid affecting future interactions.
  • If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, obtain their acknowledgement.

How we will resolve your complaint:

We aim to investigate and resolve complaints within 30 working days. If complex, we will provide regular updates. Once resolved, we will:

  • Contact you via your preferred method.
  • Explain any errors and actions taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Apologise and rectify the situation, if necessary.

Unresolved complaints:

If your complaint remains unresolved, you may contact the Administrator by email: administrator@stpatrickscathedral.ie

Our expectations of you:

We understand complaints can arise from distressing circumstances; however, we expect polite and courteous behaviour. We do not tolerate aggression, unreasonable demands, or persistence. All complainants have the right to be heard and respected, as do our staff.

Complaints involving children:

If your concern relates to a child within Saint Patrick’s Cathedral or their treatment by any member, contact the Cathedral’s Safeguarding Officer in confidence by email: safeguarding@stpatrickscathedral.ie

For more information about the Cathedral’s safeguarding responsibilities, please consult our Safeguarding Trust policy information available here.


Complaint Form

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