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Support the Dean’s Gift Day

This year’s Gift Day Appeal will be held in the Cathedral on Saturday 15th June 2024.

Organ Appeal

The subject of this year’s Gift Day Appeal is strongly related to worship, in fact at its very heart – the magnificent Willis organ, the Wondrous Machine. Together with our choirs, it is the heartbeat of our liturgical life, forms part of our identity, our reputation as a centre of excellence for musical and choral tradition, and into the bargain is a world-class instrument.

The reality is that over and above the annual budget of maintenance, tuning, and routine repairs (for which the Board allows in the annual budget), the organ requires a new console, pedal board, and bench. It’s a bit analogous to how a vintage car has to receive constant attention and maintenance; the organ, whilst a musical instrument, is also a complex machine with very many moving parts, and many of them date from its installation in 1902 and are therefore over 120 years old, and many other components were new in the restoration of 1963 and are still working.

This is precisely why the organ requires more major work in certain areas. Since the late 1990s, the organ has been in the excellent care of organ builder from County Kildare, Trevor Crowe, who has been responsible for maintaining the instrument, and for many improvements in enhancing sound quality, rendering the organ the most important romantic instrument in Ireland, and attracting international attention.

This year’s Gift Day takes place on
Saturday 15th June 2024.

If you are unable to attend in person donations can also be made by:

Donate online here.

Please forward your cheque made payable to
‘Saint Patrick’s Cathedral’ and reference ‘Gift Day’ on the reverse to the

Cathedral Office, c/o Saint Patrick’s Cathedral,
Saint Patrick’s Close, Dublin D08 H6X3

Donations can also be made directly to the Cathedral’s bank account. Please contact info@stpatrickscathedral.ie for details.

Please reference ‘Gift Day’ on your payment.