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Literary Walking Trail of Swift’s Dublin (self guided)

To gear up for our Jonathan Swift Festival events, we’ve crafted a special self guided walking trail. Explore Dublin on foot and discover the places that hold a special connection to the incredible writer and former Dean of the cathedral. Take the walk any day, in your own time.

Dublin, the city where Jonathan Swift spent much of his life, is brimming with history and literary inspiration. Follow this walking trail to explore the places associated with the renowned author and satirist, Jonathan Swift.

1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral (St. Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8)

Start your journey at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Swift served as Dean for over 30 years. Explore the impressive interior and visit Swift’s burial site.

2. Marsh’s Library (St. Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8)

Continue to Marsh’s Library, one of Ireland’s oldest public libraries. Swift frequented this tranquil spot and is said to have enjoyed sitting by the fire in the old reading room while gazing out at St Patrick’s Cathedral next door. He was one of the first readers at Marsh’s library and one of its trustees.

3. Museum of Literature Ireland (86 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2)

Discover the life and works of literary legacy at the Museum of Literature Ireland. Explore exhibitions and gain insights into the people behind the words of the finest writing the country has ever produced.

4. St Anne’s Church (Dawson St, Dublin 2)

Here you will find a memorial plaque dedicated to Laetitia Pilkington. A cherished confidante of Swift, she is celebrated for her Memoirs, a literary treasure that vividly illuminates the life and times of the esteemed writer.

5. The National Gallery of Ireland (Merrion Square West, Dublin 2)

Make a detour to the National Gallery of Ireland. Explore the rich collection of artworks, including those from Swift’s era, for a glimpse into the cultural backdrop of his time.

6. Trinity College Dublin (College Green, Dublin 2)

Continue to Trinity College, where Swift studied. Visit the Long Room Library to see some of the earliest editions of Swift’s works.

7. The Giant Experience (Central Plaza, Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2)

This new attraction, where cutting-edge technology enables visitors to transform into real-life giants, was inspired by the imaginative world of Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.

8. Dublin Castle (Dame Street, Dublin 2)

Swift was a frequent visitor to Dublin Castle. You can take a tour of the castle, explore the grounds and the Dubh Linn Gardens.

9. Hoey’s Court (Dublin 2)

Explore Swift’s birthplace with a visit to Hoey’s Court, located at the back of Dublin Castle, marked by a Blue Plaque in honour of the renowned writer.

10. Tailors’ Hall (Back Lane, Dublin 8)

Swift’s connection to the Tailors’ Hall was through his advocacy for the rights of various groups throughout the country. Learn about his philanthropic efforts here.

11. St. Audoen’s Church (High Street, Dublin 8)

Visit St. Audoen’s Church, which Swift often mentioned in his writings. Explore the medieval architecture and contemplate its historical significance.

12. Saint Patrick’s Hospital (James’ Street, Dublin 8)

Stroll by this esteemed university hospital, home to a collection of personal belongings and historical artifacts, generously bequeathed by Swift for the enduring benefit of the Irish people.

13. The Brazen Head (20 Lower Bridge Street, Dublin 8)

End your journey at The Brazen Head, Dublin’s oldest pub and enjoy a traditional Irish meal in this historic setting.