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A list of remembrance and commemoration of the Faithful Departed from Covid-19

March 31, 2020  Posted in: News, Uncategorised

A list of remembrance and commemoration of the Faithful Departed from Covid-19

The ancient walls of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral are steeped in the prayers and praises of all who have worshipped here for more than 800 years. Through each succeeding generation, God has poured out his love, mercy and grace through word and sacrament, and by his abiding presence and peace. In times of crisis, and human need, we have always afforded the opportunity, to worshipper and visitor alike, of praying for all who need God’s help, and, in the case of bereavement, of offering solidarity with them, by signing a Book of Condolence. Over these difficult days, the Cathedral has had to close to worshippers and tourists, but that does not mean that we fail to respond to those who suffer as a result of Covid-19. We continue to remember them in our prayers here, and, in addition, we are providing a ‘virtual’ Book of Condolences which you may ‘sign on-line’ if you have been bereaved by the death of a loved one as a result of the virus. Responses will be received by the Cathedral clergy and staff. By giving permission for your message to be shared, you consent to its use through digital and printed channels.
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Sunday 5 June Dublin City Centre Road ClosuresImportant information about your journey to Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

We are open for visitors on Sunday 5 June! But wish to advise our visitors that, due to the VHI Womens' Mini Marathon, some temporary road closure will be in place today from 06.00 to 20.00. While our direct location will not be closed off, the measures in place may affect your journey to visit us.

Road closure information can be found here: Temporary Road Closures 2022 | Vhi Womens Mini Marathon

We look forward to welcoming you on your visit today and wish everyone taking part in VHI Womens' Mini Marathon the very best of luck!

Evening Prayer Online

Evening Prayer at 17.00 will be available online, from Monday 15th - Friday 19th of August, to accommodate our Heritage Week organ recitals. The link to view the services can be found on the 'Sung Evening Prayer' page linked below. 

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