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Stars and Stripes Forever

July 4, 2021  Posted in: Music

Every July 4 we celebrate American Independence Day here at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral with a concert given by the organists of the Cathedral.

Sadly, for the second year running, this concert hasn’t been able to take place in the traditional way due to Covid 19 restrictions. So instead we have recorded a short selection of suitably rousing music to keep you all going until next July 4.

Enjoy – and we’ll look forward to welcoming you back to St Patrick’s properly in the very near future.

A Stars and Stripes Special

Independance Day (Dave Arnold)
Cantina Band (John Williams, Star Wars)
Stars and Stripes forever (J.P. Sousa)

Music arranged, performed and recorded by Stuart Nicholson, Master of the Music of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.


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