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Information Evening

July 15, 2019  Posted in: Fundraising, News

The Very Revd. Dr. William W. Morton would like to extend an open invitation to attend an Information evening on the Upcoming Roof Works in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. This will be the first major undertaking since the Guinness Restoration in 1860’s and is scheduled to last 2 years and cost €9 million. While the Cathedral is maintained to the highest standards, we have a number of pressing issues that require our immediate attention. Work to the parapets has aged and allowed a direct point of entry for water into the building.

The Restoration of the High Roof will address the following issues:

  • Nail Sickness : Nails used to fix  the slates over the years have corroded and in many cases actually disappeared. As a result, slates slip down the slopes.
  • Water Entry:  During the hurricanes of 2015,  2 large holes appeared in the roof large enough to fit a car!
  • Split and over sized lead -lined gutters , The lead lined gutters are over sized in comparison to current standards and have split in many places. They now need to be re-laid to current falls and steps.
  • Failing pitched repairs. Temporary repairs are now starting to fail and a comprehensive  repair is needed.

Join the Dean and Cathedral architect Mr. John Beauchamp for a Question & Answers session at this Information Evening. Learn how we plan to roll out this exciting project.  Get involved and safeguard the future of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Date:  Wednesday 24th of July

Time: 19:30

Location: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

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