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Irish Experience of World War One

May 26, 2014  Posted in: Lives Remembered
Irish Experience of World War One

Map showing major Irish involvement in World War One

Irish men and women served in a variety of places and circumstances during World War One. The Irish experience of World War One varied from fighting in the trenches of the western front to the beaches of Gallipoli to piloting planes, serving at sea, fulfilling the role of chaplain, or tending to the wounded behind the front lines. Irish participation was not limited to Irish regiments: many recent emigrants to England enlisted, and in later years some from the United States of America too.

Personal stories from those connected to
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Very few families made it through the war period without some loss. Many of the Irish men and women who lost their lives during the course of World War One had direct connections to the Cathedral or are today remembered through monuments in the Cathedral. Below are some of their heart-breaking stories.

Frederick Maurice Watson Harvey

Frederick Maurice Harvey

Lucas St Aubyn King

Lucas St Aubyn King

Venice Hackett

Venice Hackett

Rev Mark Gardner speaking about his Grandfather’s experience fighting in Africa during World War One.

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