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New Visitor Entrance

June 3, 2016  Posted in: News New Visitor Entrance

Until recently, visitors to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral have entered through the southwest porch, coming in to the nave towards the west end of the Cathedral. With both individual visitors and groups using the same single door, the area around the entrance was very crowded during busy times.

To make the entry process easier for visitors, we’ve introduced a new entrance on the north side of the building. Walk-up visitors can now enter the Cathedral grounds through a gate on Patrick Street. Group visitors can continue to enter through the southwest porch, giving them easy access to the Cathedral from the parking for coaches. This entrance also gives skip-the-line access to individuals who purchase advance admission via our website.

Our new entrance has the added benefit of opening up the side of the building closest to Saint Patrick’s Park, a beautiful public green space popular with visitors and locals alike. People enjoying the sunny weather in the park are now able to enter the Cathedral without walking around the west side of the building.

We look forward to welcoming you in through our new visitor entrance this summer. See our Visit page for details.

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