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RADE Film Launch – “Spare Change”

May 1, 2018  Posted in: Community, News

RADE (recovery through art, drama, education) is a community employment training scheme where participants engage daily in a variety of workshops: Drama, Dance, Film, Creative Writing, Art, Tai Chi, Relapse Prevention, Yoga. Workshops are facilitated by our four staff and a varying number of external professional artists, who have included poet of Ireland Paula Meehan, dramatist Maeve Ingoldsby, musician and songwriter Sean Millar, dramatist and actor Pom Boyd, poet Tony Curtis, writer Larry O’Bryan, filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson, artist Peter Young and most recently dance artist Cathy Coughlan. Collaborating with such talented artists, participants have produced 8 creative writing publications, 12 documentaries, 4 short films of fiction, 6 original theatre plays, a radio play for RTÉ, an opera featured in the 2012 Fringe Festival and several art exhibitions.

Spare Change’ is a comedy about people faced with the most impossible, desperate struggle known to modern man; navigating the rental market in Ireland today… Ed gets a shock when his landlord raises his rent without warning. Already stretched to the limit and only just making ends meet, things look grim until Ed decides to sublet his flat to the multitude of homeless people looking for somewhere to stay. As long as the landlord doesn’t find out, everything will be fine… but Ed doesn’t count on the crazy tenant who claims to have stolen the housing list, suspicious neighbours and an unexpected visit from the Minister for Housing… This short film is an absurd comedy about the desperate state of Ireland’s housing crisis. From unscrupulous landlords to the ‘invisible homeless’ and politicians reverting to Victorian attitudes, there’s never been a worse time to be without a roof over your head. What can be done?

Donate Link – http://www.rade.ie/donate-to-rade/

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