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The Deans of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

May 26, 2016  Posted in: Cathedral History

The Deans of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral


1219 William FitzGuido
1238 Richard Gardiner
1250 Richard de Saint Martin
1269 John de Saundford
1284 Thomas de Chaddesworth
1312 William Rodyard
1348 Adam de Kingston
1353 William de Bromley
1374 John Colton
1382 Henry Bowett
1392 William Chambre
1396 Thomas de Everdon
1399 John Prene
1439 Nicholas Hill
1457 Philip Norris
1465 John Alleyne
1505 Thomas Rochfort
1522 John Rycardes
1527 Robert Sutton
1528 Thomas Darcy
1529 Geoffry Fyche

Post-Reformation to Disestablishment

1537 Edward Bassenet
1555 Thomas Leverous
1560 Alexander Craike
1564 Adam Loftus
1567 Robert Weston
1576 William Gerard
1581 Thomas Jones
1584 Richard Meredyth
1597 John Ryder
1608 Thomas Moigne
1625 Benjamin Culme
1660 William Fuller
1666 Thomas Seele
1674 Benjamin Parry
1677 John Worth
1688 William King
1690 Michael Jephson
1693 Thomas Lindesay
1695 Edward Smith
1698 Jerome Ryves
1704 John Stearne
1713 Jonathan Swift
1745 Gabriel Maturin
1747 Francis Corbett
1775 William Cradock
1794 Robert Fowler
1794 James Verschoyle
1810 John Keatinge
1817 Richard Ponsonby
1828 Henry Dawson
1842 Robert Daly
1843 Henry Packenham
1864 John West


1889 Henry Jellett
1902 John Bernard
1911 Charles Ovenden
1924 Hugh Lawlor
1933 Thomas Harvey
1935 David Ruddell Wilson
1950 William de Pauley
1958 John Ward Armstrong
1968 Victor Griffin
1991 Maurice Stewart
1999 Robert MacCarthy
2012 Victor Stacey
2016 William Morton

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