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The View From Above

January 21, 2020  Posted in: News, Roof Appeal

With the roof project now underway, many exciting changes have taken place around the Cathedral in the past months. Some of these, like the new hoardings around the base of the scaffold tower, are readily visible. Others are taking place out of sight, beneath the new monoflex cover that has recently been pulled into place. This cover will enable us to take off the old roof slates and replace them without risking damage to the Cathedral. By late spring, the roof of the Cathedral’s nave will have brand new slates in place and the focus will turn to the transepts. As the work continues, the scaffolding will move around the building in stages, enabling us to minimize disruption to visitors to the site.

Watch the video above to see a summary of what’s happened since September. To stay up-to-date on the project as it develops, sign up for updates here.

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