Month: January 2020

Clearing the Cathedral Ceiling xxx

Visitors to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral might not realize it looking up, but the ceiling above the nave is not made of stone as it would appear, but of plaster and lathe. This material is fragile and easily damaged, and in the years since the Cathedral’s original construction materials have built up this delicate surface. So,… Read more »

The View From Above xxx

With the roof project now underway, many exciting changes have taken place around the Cathedral in the past months. Some of these, like the new hoardings around the base of the scaffold tower, are readily visible. Others are taking place out of sight, beneath the new monoflex cover that has recently been pulled into place…. Read more »

Community Music at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral xxx

Christmas Music performed by the Cathedral Choir at Saint Patrick's Cathedral

  Community Music at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Community and Music are at the heart of the mission of Saint Patrick’s Community Dublin. It was our pleasure to welcome The Forget-Me-Nots Choir for a special Christmas performance. This lunchtime event paid homage to Liberties local Brendan Grace who sadly died this year. A special thanks to… Read more »